Supplier Qualification and Management is Critical in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Company has the ultimate responsiblity to ensure the suitability of their supplies.  It is not enough to know your distributor.  You must know the manufacturer and the site of manufacture.  The role the distributor serves in the process must be known too.  Supplier assessments with no on-site visits are not enough to assess compliance of suppliers.  Audits are crucial to the assessment process.  Baugher Consulting can help you to assess your complete supply chain in a cost effective manner.


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Welcome to Baugher Consulting

Since 2007 Baugher Consulting, LLC (previously operated as a sole proprietorship)  has been providing  compliance and quality services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and OTC industries.

Baugher Consulting can assist your company with larger projects and specialized tasks, from the design and implementation of a complete quality system to tasks such as change control, deviation and batch record review.

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